Huffington Post: 17 Of Our Favourite Books

Our Kickstarter campaign was featured on Huffington Post!

Mere months ago, adults who enjoyed colouring had to steal Sesame Street colouring books from children and probably felt a little embarrassed by it. But thanks in part to an explosion of colouring books aimed at the non-preschool set, colouring is now cool.
The trend inspired Carrie Wong and Witek Radomski to create Legendary Landscapes, a colouring book featuring the many varied and impressive landscapes of Canada.
"We are inspired by Johanna Basford's Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest,” Wong told the Huffington Post Canada. "She has truly set the standard for adult colouring books. We were very impressed by the level of detail and intricacy in her work as well as the composition and design."
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