Kickstarter of the Week @ Women Write about Comics

Amanda from WWAC posted a very flattering article about Legendary Landscapes - and they have featured us as their Kickstarter of the Week. Thank you so much!

Were you that kid, too—did your parent know exactly how to get you out of their hair, and all it involved were colored pencils and a book full of empty line drawings? Were you that kid who disdained tables to lie flat on the floor, feet in the air, nose to crayon to coloring book for hours on end?

Good news for you and me, then! Coloring books have recently been recategorized as acceptable for kids AND adults, and so-called “adult coloring books” are this summer’s in thing. No joke! An adult coloring book recently outsold Harper Lee’s new novel. Truth be told, I’ve been deliriously excited to see them in bookstores all over the country and heartbroken that only six months or so ago, after nearly a decade of languishing among my art supplies, I finally gave away my set of colored pencils. *Sigh* That figures, right?

Well, colored pencil and marker manufacturers are probably equally happy right about now, because I (and maybe you!) need to replace my coloring set post haste. Why? Because I’m totally digging some of the Kickstarter campaigns for producing coloring books. There are several to choose from, but my current favorite is Legendary Landscapes by artists Carrie Wong and Witek Radomski. What do I want to spend my time coloring? Rolling hills with mountainous backdrops? Check. A tiger? Check. A moonscape? Check. Giant mushrooms? Check. Architecture? Check. Ducks in the wild west? Check check check.