Kootenay colouring book celebrates landscapes - Nelson Star

Witek Radomski and Carrie Wong were hiking along a forested mountainside in the Kootenays,looking for gemstones, when they came up with the idea to create their adult colouring bookLegendary Landscapes.

“This book was conceived in the Kootenays,” said Radomski. “Carrie and I staked some land therelast year and tried our hand at prospecting. We’d always be perched on the edge of some clifflooking at these amazing views, and the real treasure we found was the beauty of thoselandscapes.”

The project, which eventually spawned a successful crowdfunding campaign, features work by Wongand Radomski, who now live in Vancouver, along with five other artists including Selkirk Collegedigital arts graduate Kamala Melzack. The pair wanted it to be a collaboration and hope to enableartists to explore their creativity with their work.